We are GirlCode

The best time to get girls into tech was 20 years ago, the next best time is now.

We offer a fun approach to learning. It involves interaction with the community from infancy encouraging communication and collaboration. We host hackathons, workshops, digital literacy short-courses, mentorship, knowledge-sharing sessions with well-known speakers and much more. Our sessions are targeted at young women but all genders and ages are welcome to attend and share what they have learned.



GirlCode SME Program

GirlCode partnered with AWS CloudStart to help female owned tech companies get started by providing resources that will allow them to learn about AWS Cloud, while maintaining the highest levels of security and privacy at a low cost to customers.

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GirlCode Hackathon

GirlCodeHack is an annual event where computer programmers including graphic designers, interface designers, business analysts and project managers, collaborate intensively to develop software and hardware prototypes.

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Digital Literacy

GirlCode Digital Literacy is a short-course training initiative that provides an introduction of basic computer and internet literacy to women with few or no computer skills. The programs’ main focus is to teach these skills to under privileged women.

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Developing Skills

Develop and deliver skills training programs in the software development industry.

Transfer of Knowledge

Transfer knowledge and skills to develop a professional attitude in learners.

Empowering Young Women

Equip young women with the skills to be confident to pursue a career in software development.

Empowering Diversity

Empower women from different backgrounds. Encourage them to work collaboratively. Watch them shine while creating new innovative and sustainable solutions.



GirlCode Hackathon winners 2018

Lightbulbs: An App to address The UN goal of Good Health & Living. Team Lightbulbs built a solution designed to address food security in South Africa, in response to the recent listeriosis outbreak. Their solution aims to place more knowledge in the hands of the citizens and consumers, whilst encouraging retailers and producers to work […]

The GirlCode Experience: Lihle Naphakade

I applied to the VAC work programme because I was looking for experience in the real working environment. And so I went into the programme with a mindset to learn about (and get as much as I can out of) the actual working environment, including understanding how the company works. I found that I learned […]

The GirlCode Experience: Kiara Ramjith

I applied to the vac work programme because I wanted to gain real world experience. I really did not know what to expect, so I just wanted to get whatever I could out of it, yet it surpassed my expectations totally. I assumed that we’d be given a project to work on and that is […]

Lorna Nqodi: The San Francisco Experience

GirlCode Hackathon 2017 The opportunity of travelling overseas certainly satisfied a desire I had been longing for, for a long time. My adventure began the day before the hackathon at the Cape Town airport. I remember reaching for my Id from my back-pack’s side pocket and realizing I had not put it back in the […]

Ednecia Matlapeng: My Journey as a woman in tech

I was born in a small township called Boitekong in Rustenburg, where no one I knew owned a computer. There were very few sources of entertainment for us growing up. One of my favourite hobbies was picking up any paper with text on it and reading it out loud, regardless of what the topic was […]

Fadzai Mupfunya: My Trip to Microsoft San Francisco

Imagine my excitement when I heard we were going to Microsoft San Francisco, the mastermind behind Windows and well Microsoft itself (amongst all their other great creations). I was ecstatic as I could not believe I was going to visit their base, The Silicon Valley Office. The actual office we visited was just a 20 […]